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The Performance Academy

-Celia Lawley’s music studios

Lessons on fiddle, ukulele, mandolin, guitar, banjo & piano are available.  Both improvisation & reading are taught using classical technique with bluegrass, old-time & Celtic music. The goal of this multi-age program is to motivate through inspiration, create purpose & build community with music.

Method of violin improvisation:

Based on a desire to pass along the gift of her experience combining the best of both classical and commercial music worlds, Celia created the Lawley Fiddle Method which includes: Little Uk’s, Fiddletime is Fun Time & The Performance Academy,that takes students in progression from very beginning music studies to an advanced level of performance in a fun way using American & Celtic fiddle tunes.


Classes are ongoing in various locations of San Diego

Please contact Celia Lawley for details.
760/ 782-9202 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fiddle Class Levels and general guidelines

LEVEL I, Beginner

Students enrolled in Level I have had little or no previous music
training. Focus is on basic violin technique, ear training and music reading skills. This class learns about 3 tunes per session. The musical part is the same as Level II, with the addition of finger numbers and strings names to facilitate reading.

Level II, Intermediate

Students in Level II have had some previous violin/fiddle experience of a year or two and know how to read simple notation and basic rhythm. Focus of this class is: consistent pitch, beginning improvisation techniques and simple bowings such as slurs and shuffles. Students in this class have limited experience in different keys. Music for this level stays primarily in 1st position and the students usually study 10 tunes per session, including simple improvised solos.

Level III, Advanced

Students in Level III usually have 3-5 years of violin /fiddle experience and are good readers and have had some experience in 3rd position. Students in this class have played in more keys than Level II. Focus of this class is: more complex bowing patterns than Level II and more defined improvisation techniques and stylistic phrasing. Music for this level often goes to 3rd position and the students usually study 10 tunes per session, including improvised solos.